In this day and age of looking after our planet, it’s not unusual for us consider buying environment friendly products. But let’s ask ourselves an honest question. How many of you have actually considered this while buying the humble guitar strap? I put my hands up to this one, I have never considered the planet when buying my straps. I look for the shiny objects that are going to look good around my neck. But, no more!

Southside Harbour Guitar Straps in Bridlington have done just this. They boast a whole range of environment friendly straps at great prices that look simply stunning. Business owner Paul Dobson tells us more…

My passion for all things guitar began when I was a teenager and led to a hobby making bespoke, high quality guitar accessories later in life.

I initially started making acoustic guitar stands, something I still do today. I produced my first guitar strap for one of my granddaughters when she began guitar lessons a few years ago. And so Southside Harbour Guitar Straps was born, allowing me to turn my passion and hobby into a small business!​

At Southside Harbour Guitar Straps, we pride ourselves in quality, style and comfort at affordable prices. All of our guitar straps are handmade using top quality components at our home workshop situated in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire. Our backing, for example, uses recycled car seat belts which we salvage before they hit the landfill sites.​

Our vegan straps are also based on our seatbelt backing, we use natural cork inners and a hand stitched vinyl outer. Our polyester backing comes in two colours alongside our cotton/hemp webbing.

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