Flattley Guitar Pedals is a family run business established in 2016 and based in England. We do all of our product processes and manufacturing assembly within small radius with the aim to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible ensuring Flattley pedals are all truly made in England. After repairing the electronics in guitars, bass guitars, effects pedals and amps for many years in my spare time, I decided that it was time to venture into something new, making effect pedals. I had been working in the Aviation Avionics Industry for over 30 years after starting my working career as an avionics technician in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm working on helicopters. I was very confident that I could produce a high-quality product based on my aviation quality assurance and standards which would live up to my very exacting requirements whilst producing the sound and tone that musicians are looking for. Each effects pedal is hand built, hand wired, and our enclosures are hand finished giving our pedals that personalized touch.

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